It all started one day where I thought there was room for a poster in the living room, but it was not just any poster, but a MTB POSTER. Yes, such a one and most people are aware of what happens when you want to have such an up and hanging and you are not single. Then I had to be creative and use my skills as a designer to make something that could still be allowed to have there at home. Right after, I thought that there must be someone else who would like to have such a poster hanging in their home, and so I started making more posters and started Goats & Trails.

I’m Angel Delgado and I’m the designer behind the posters and I run the Goats & Trails website. I have worked for companies like, LEGO as Art Director and Concept designer, and have also been a nerd and made robots at DTI. But always in an office. It resulted in me getting a severe depression, with anxiety and all sorts of other things that I had to deal with. I heard that exercising was good for it, and yoga that I already did helped with it but only the top of it, so I thought, how about taking the mountain bike again and finding myself a mountain to climb down from… I took my old bike from 2001 but, I found lots of excitement and made myself move a bit and then I was bit of it again. I am currently spending my time on Goats & Trails, figuring out how to build a Bikepark and become a better mountain biker. In cycling, I have a great interest in the All-mountain and Freeride genre, but it is a bit of a challenge to be able to do such a thing when there are no mountains to ride on in Denmark, but what you can do anyway. 🙂

Bike Park Drømmen


For many years I have had a dream of opening a bike park in a paradise like place. And since I have roots in Costa Rica, I would like to make a Bike Park with the opportunity for those who want to give it gas in the winter and then also for those who want to have a proper adventure on their bike in between -american jungle! My whole plan is Park, Aventure travel, and place to indulge in when one has finished shredding on the trail or back from a trip in the jungle.




We know that children are the future, also for mountain biking! It could be cool to be able to help the next Cam Zink or Rachel Atherton already from where they are 3 years old! I want to be able to teach children to get up and give that gas from a young age and therefore I have been in the process of idealizing a plan on how I can make it possible. It must be fun and easy to learn to ride a bike and then in a short time! It’s a bit about myself and my projects. If you want to collaborate or even drive together, then you can contact me through facebook or by clicking here.